Beyond Cantopani


If you came from the Wizard’s Descent, you can hide and wait for them to leave, bypassing the confrontation entirely.

“Give them your stuff” opens an option to lure them close and then attack
Actually giving them your stuff also loses you -2 stamina as well

JIG [req’s bamboo flute] Avoid the encounter – your choice to make them leave or kill themselves
FOF [-3 stamina] Avoid the encounter – they can’t hurt you
LAW, FOG – useless

Fight: 5 max atk, the survivor runs away (you can chase him down and kill him, but there’s no apparent reason to)

A fork in the road

If you look around // help the man down, he gives you half of a spellbook page. You can give it to the witch above the waterfall (Gaza Moon) in order to get rid of Jann.

The beehive can give you Beeswax and +1 ration. Ways to get it:

  • Climb higher x2: -2 stamina, aka -1 each time you do it
  • Cast LAW [-3 stamina]
  • Cast DOZ or BIG [-1 stamina]

Other spells:

  • LAW [-3 stamina] will explode the whole tree and make the man run away
  • DOP [-1 stamina] will split the beehive in two; -5 stamina as the bees sting you to hell and back
  • ZEN Req’s Jewel-Studded Medallion TBD

The riddle the man heard from the Elvins:
See him though he sees you not;
A stinging beast in a box not left
To guard a key it is his lot
To gaol a witch of luck bereft.


The High Path
The Low Path

Beyond Cantopani

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