Overall, you can take one of three mutually exclusive paths here. At the end of each, go to Beyond Cantopani.

Option 1: Avoid the village

Keep walking, or…

Investigate the caves → Take the Wizard’s Descent

Entering the village

A man intercepts you. You can optionally pay him 2gp for more info about the surrounding area before proceeding.

Spells: [TBD], but don’t seem to do much

Option 2: Buy food at the inn

You can buy stew OR rations, but not both.

1. Stew: 1gp
2. Buy rations (only if Amella thinks you trustworthy*): 2 rations for 2gp, or 1 ration for 1gp if you haggle. Attempting to strike her down will net you -2 stamina as she burns you with the stew, but you can then escalate and steal it successfully.

*Trustworthy: Scorpion
*Untrustworthy: Wolf, Jackal, Cobra

Option 3: Buy equipment at the Warehouse

May be unavailable, depending on your choices with the man at the entrance to the village.

You can buy up fo 4 of the following (assuming you have the money for it):


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