The River-Bank

Watch as much or as little as you like. You have the option to double back towards Cantopani here, if you like.

Assuming you approach the creatures:

  • Stab my sword into the ground // Stab: maybe blunt your sword?, →1
  • Try to fall well: →2


  • fAL [-1 stamina] →3
  • HOW [-1 stamina] →1
  • ZEN [req’s Jewel-Studded Medallion] [TBD] – hover, assume →3
  • ZIp [req’s green ring] [TBD] – teleport

How was your landing?:

1. Hard: -4 stamina
2. Okay: -2 stamina
3. Soft: no stamina loss

After landing, you meet some Elvin. No matter what you say/do here, you have to fight/kill one (max attack 6), then other two capture you. Go to Captured

The River-Bank

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