Wizard's Descent

AKA, the riddle of Daddy-Ley.

Cast FOF or fAL (or ZEN, probably) on your way down, or else you die

At the cave mouth

Light brown ‘P’ painted on the wall

Rolling the boulder: -1 stamina each time; with the moss-free side down, you get a riddle about which cave to go into

HOW [-1 stamina] go to the left cavern
SUS: deep dread, this place’s sole purpose is to be your undoing
HOT: mostly useless; throwing into a cave will briefly illuminate the wall inside, but not enough to see much
WAL, fAL: useless

Inside either cave

A letter is scratched into the wall; ‘O’ for the left (correct) cave, ‘A’ for the right (incorrect) cave. Then you go down to the bottom cave mouth

The Cave Mouth

Lift the stone for a clue

FOG [-1 stamina] in the darkness, you can see a faintly glowing letter ‘T’ in the wall
HOT, DUD: useless
HOW: the exit is in front of you, there’s no other way forward
SUN: [TBD] but probably useless

On the Shore

Choose the way of the coward, or the way of danger. Your choice gives you one of the following two clues when you reach the clifftop:

Clawed hands will throw to a terrible monster,
There will be but only one chance to run.
For he who wishes to avoid this encounter,
Turn left, then turn right, and then run — run — run.

In a long empty mine roams a terrible beast,
Whose slaying it will be your duty, in time,
But should you meat early in mines to the west,
Creep inward and burn him — remember this rhyme!

Either way, she gives you a hair, which you need to cast the TOP spell to leave. (The other options aren’t real spells and will kill you.)

  • Grab hold right away: you’re whisked to the top!
  • Wait, then climb: -2 stamina and a long time spent
  • Wait x2: you drown in the rising tide

Wizard's Descent

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